Problems of social platforms

Existing centralized social platforms are plagued by fake news, data abuse and click-driven revenue model.

Our solution

An out-of-the-box blockchain solution to build autonomous social dApps and communities.


Curation by community

Parko’s built-in incentive token model makes everyone contribute to the community by commenting, curating and sharing quality content.


Data share and global ID

Parko’s data and user ID are shared across different applications. User owns his data and has complete control of access.


Fair revenue model

Revenue share of Parko dApps is transparent and fair. Parko’s built-in Token Curation Registry makes sure that a user who contributes to the community gets rewarded.

Why a new blockchain

Existing blockchains are slow to apply on the social network application, expensive to run smart contract, and no inflation token model release.



Parko uses reputation based delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm which leverages on-chain validation and off-chain computation to improve transaction.


Smart Oracle

Smart Oracle is the new smart contract that allows for creating social dApp token. Turing complete, autonomous token generation, one-click social dApp token creation from template.


Token model

All the ERC20-like on the Parko chain have a built-in template specify reward incentives on any kind of user engagement activity such as posts/upvote/ comment for better monetization and fast user growth.



Mike Ma

Champion in ACM competition. Google and Airbnb AI Expert. Serial entrepreneur, cofounder of an education company helps 100k students find jobs.


Sida Wang

Founder and Director of Airbnb Blockchain Division. Smart Contract and Backend Engineer at Bodhi Prediction Market. Founder of Bit.Study.